September 26, 2012 Meeting Minutes

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September 26, 2012

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Brad Markwood with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present:  Ryan Young, Brad Markwood, Randy Beyer

Absentee:  None

Visitors:  Louise & Nick Winegardner Zoning Inspector, Ken Rookard Fire Department.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as amended.

COMMUNICATIONS:  Fiscal Officer had some handouts from the County Meeting.  Trustees reviewed them and had some discussion on them.  Fiscal officer also reported on a letter from the Ohio Department of Transportation on the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program.

FIRE DEPARTMENT:  Mr. Rookard reported that the Fireman’s association had received a $100.00 donation from the Rushville Church of Christ.

ZONING REPORT:  Mr. Winegardner reported that they had two permits for the month of September.  They also discussed that all were present at the zoning meeting except Mrs. Starner.

A public meeting will be held on October 18th, 2012 at 6:00 PM at the Richland Township firehouse to discuss the cell tower policy.

OLD BUSINESS:  Fiscal Officer reported that she had received the contract for Sodium Chloride (Rock Salt).

Mr. Markwood had some discussion on the park board.  Trustees decided to have a 5 person board, 1 from each town council, 1 from the school and 2 from the township.

NEW BUSINESS:  Mr. Beyer made a motion to approve then and now PO:

#24-2012                        Shelly Materials Inc.                         $5992.44

Mr. Young seconded the motion.   Motion passed with three yes votes.

Fiscal Officer reported on a letter from OTARMA asking if the township would like to lock in a three year rate.  Mr. Beyer made a motion to approve locking in the rate.  Mr. Young seconded the motion.  Motion passed with three yes votes.

ROAD DEPARTMENT:   No new business.

TREASURER’S REPORT RECEIVED:  All bills were read and discussed, with a motion by Mr. Beyer, seconded by Mr. Young to approve payment of bills in the amount of $12,010.35 and payroll/charges in the amount of $13,456.46.

I, Nancy R Myers, fiscal Officer certify that funds have been lawfully appropriated to meet the above expenditures.

A motion was made by Mr. Young to adjourn the meeting.  Mr. Beyer seconded the motion which was approved with 3 yes votes.

Respectfully Submitted                                                Trustees:

___________________                                           ___________________

Nancy R Myers, Fiscal Officer                                    Brad Markwood



Randy Beyer



Ryan Young