May 26, 2010 minutes

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May 26, 2010

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Brad Markwood with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present: Brian Oliver, Brad Markwood, Randy Beyer

Absentee:  None

Visitors: Nick & Louise Winegardner Zoning Inspector, Kevin Dailey Fire Department.

Minutes of the last meeting were read as approved.


Fiscal officer handed out appropriation status for year to date.

Fiscal officer also received an e-mail from a direct descendant of Herbert Winegardner, who is buried at the Winegardner cemetery.  She would like to restore some of the gravestones at her expense.  She would like to meet someone if available on the 29th at the cemetery.  Trustees said to e-mail back and they would meet her on Saturday.

Mr. Oliver set up an appointment with Rick Bennett from Shelly on Wednesday at 8:00 AM to go over some of the roads for motor paving.

FIRE DEPARTMENT:   Mr. Dailey reported that the dry hydrant has been installed on Rader Road.    He asked the trustees if Mr. Starner could place gravel around the hydrant at Mr. O’Dell’s.

ZONING REPORT:  Mr. Winegardner reported that they had 5 permits and sent out 8 car letters for the Month of May.     They received a call on some property on Woolard Road that no one is living at and is all grown up.

Mr. Ricketts talked to Mr. Winegardner and they had some discussion on Mr. Starner’s situation.  Mr. Ricketts will talk to him more.

OLD BUSINESS:   Mr. Oliver told the other trustees that a lawn mower from John Deere was being used at the Fire House to see how they like it.   The total dollar amount for the mower would be around $2300.

Trustees had some discussion on getting hold of Mr. Starner to haul the tires out that was collected from the cleanup day.

NEW BUSINESS:   Trustees reviewed the appropriations that the Fiscal Officer handed out.

ROAD DEPARTMENT:   Mr. Oliver reported that truck #8 was down.

TREASURER’S REPORT RECEIVED:  All bills were read and discussed, with a motion by Mr. Beyer, seconded by Mr. Oliver to approve payment of bills in the amount of $4,834.81 and payroll/charges in the amount of $11,577.16.

I, Nancy R Myers, fiscal Officer certify that funds have been lawfully appropriated to meet the above expenditures.

A motion was made by Mr. Oliver to adjourn the meeting.  Mr. Beyer seconded the motion which was approved with 3 yes votes.

Respectfully Submitted                                             Trustees:

___________________                                           ___________________

Nancy R Myers, Fiscal Officer                                    Brad Markwood


Randy Beyer


Brian Oliver

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