March 27, 2013 Meeting Minutes

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March 27, 2013

Present:  Ryan Young, Randy Beyer, and Brad Markwood

Absentee:  None

Guests:  Ken Rookard Fire Chief and Jim Starner Road Department.

Meeting was started out with roll call.  All were present.

Minutes of the last meeting were read as approved.


COMMUNICATIONS:   Trustees reviewed the bank reconciliation for January and February 2013.  Mr. Young made a motion to approve bank reconciliations and Mr. Markwood seconded the motion.   Motion passed with three yes votes.




*6:15 PM Fiscal Officer called roll call for executive session.  All present for session.


Mr. Rookard explained some of the problems with the fuel card.  It is still under investigation.


*6:30 PM.  Fiscal officer called roll call for regular session.  All present for the session.


Mr. Rookard reported on Engine #581 letting the Trustees know that it was repaired and running.  He explained that Tanker #581 will be checked and repaired next.  After that it will be Engine #582.


Mr. Rookard asked for a blanket certificate for firehouse software, PC’s and monitor and laptop totaling to $5,000.  Mr. Markwood made a motion and Mr. Young seconded the motion.  Motion passed with three yes votes.


#19-2013                     Software, PC’s and Monitor and Laptop       $5,000.00


He also explained that we need to have some construction done on the building for security purposes.  He would like to put in a door and lock coming into the community room from the outer wall.  He was estimating a cost of $10,000.  This would put the building in code so no one would be able to enter the equipment area from the community room.


Mr. Markwood made a motion to approve a blanket certificate for the construction of the building.  Mr. Young seconded the motion.  Motion passed with three yes votes.


#20-2013                     Construction of Fire House                $10,000.00


ZONING REPORT:   The zoning department had no permits for the month of March, 2013.


Trustees had some discussion on abandon houses in the Township.


OLD BUSINESS:   Trustees discussed setting up some Bi-Laws for the cemeteries that we are in charge of.  Mr. Markwood will get with the prosecuting attorney and decide what needs to be done.


NEW BUSINESS:   Fiscal Officer asked the Trustees if they would approve a Super Blanket Certificate for operating fuel and the road department.  Mr. Young made a motion to approve certificate.  Mr. Markwood seconded the motion.  Motion passed with three yes votes.


#18-2013                     Operating Fuel                        $10,000.00


ROAD DEPARTMENT:  Mr. Starner reported that the Kuhn mower had been repaired.  Also the wheels for truck #8 has been purchased.


He asked the Trustees if they had decided on a cell phone policy.  He was not going to buy one for himself.


TREASURER’S REPORT RECEIVED:  All bills were read and discussed, with a motion by Mr. Markwood, seconded by Mr. Young to approve payment of bills in the amount of $11,883.61 and payroll/charges in the amount of $12,166.15.


I, Nancy R Myers, fiscal Officer certify that funds have been lawfully appropriated to meet the above expenditures.


A motion was made by Mr. Young to adjourn the meeting.  Mr. Markwood seconded the motion which was approved with 3 yes votes.


Respectfully Submitted                                             Trustees:

___________________                                           ___________________


Nancy R Myers, Fiscal Officer                                  Brad Markwood




Randy Beyer





Ryan Young