The History of Richland Township

Richland Township was established in January of 1801. It was one of the first townships in Fairfield County. It was named after the richness and fertility of its soil. It was cut down in size in 1817 and land from its eastern border was given to Perry County. Some early settlers of this township were Turner, Stevenson, Ijames, Teal, Geil, James Rowland, Jesse Rowles, and William Wiseman.
Towns and Villages:

Rushville: Laid out by William Turner and established on May 26, 1808. Original name was Clinton Town.

West Rushville: Laid out by John Ijams and established on February 27, 1817.


Baker, Campground-Stevenson, Cloud, Custard-Parret, Drumm, Indian Mound, Kaufman-Valentine, Kennedy, Kerlin-Morrow, New Oakthorpe, Old Oakthorpe, Pleasant Hill, Reid-Stoltz, Roberts, Ruffner, Rushville, Sain, Saum-Winegardner, West Rushville, Woolard.