April 14, 2010 minutes

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April 14, 2010

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Brad Markwood with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present: Randy Beyer, Brad Markwood, Brian Oliver

Absentee:  None

Visitors: Kevin Dailey Fire Chief

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as read.

COMMUNICATIONS:   Oliver made a motion to approve the bank reconciliation for the month of May 2010.  Mr. Beyer seconded the motion.  Motion passed with three yes votes.

Fiscal Officer reported on a notice of changes at the Fairfield County Law Library

New librarian will be Gail Beck.

Mr. Markwood reported that the dumpster for the Township clean up day will be at the Fire house on Friday.

FIRE DEPARTMENT: Mr. Beyer made a motion to approve Purchase Order#

18-2010      Richland Twp Firemen’s Assoc      $800.00

Reimbursement for training for Hillyard and Grant

Mr. Oliver seconded the motion.  Motion passed with three yes votes.

Mr. Dailey reported that they had two fire runs for the month and eight EMS runs.

Mr. Dailey reported on a couple of lawn mowers that he had priced.  Mr. Oliver said that he would talk to John Deere to see if he can get the amount that they are asking down.

Mr. Dailey has been looking at turn out gear.  Four sets would cost around $8,000.  The department also needs to replace some hose.  Trustees would like to look at the budget before deciding on any gear.

ZONING DEPARTMENT:  Mr. Beyer reported that he had a call from Mrs. Starner on what options she had and what she needed to do.  He told her to get in contact with  Mr. Winegardner.

OLD BUSINESS:  No business

NEW BUSINESS:   Trustees had some discussion on the road department duties.  They decided that they may need to meet different times with the road department to discuss the duties and when certain duties should be done.

TREASURER’S REPORT RECEIVED:  All bills were read and discussed, with a motion by Mr. Beyer, seconded by Mr. Oliver to approve payment of bills in the amount of $1,081.20 and payroll/charges in the amount of $2,909.47.

I, Nancy R Myers, fiscal Officer certify that funds have been lawfully appropriated to meet the above expenditures.

A motion was made by Mr. Oliver to adjourn the meeting.  Mr. Beyer seconded the motion which was approved with 3 yes votes.

Respectfully Submitted                                             Trustees:

___________________                                           ___________________

Nancy R Myers, Fiscal Officer                                    Brad Markwood


Randy Beyer


Brian Oliver

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